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Feliz Chan

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It's a bear-y wonderful world
Saturday, July 19, 2014 | 0 comments
Blogging not my entire trip to Korea but the Bear Farm. 
We've brave through the cold stormy wind at Sokcho, Korea for approximately 20 minutes from Tofu Valley where we had our lunch. 
Cold but awesome walk because we're feeling adventurous that day so we didn't hail for a taxi. 

                                               Okay, this is actually the toilet not the farm itself. 

                                    And that is me on a random bench with a big red bear head.

                                   Not related to bears but it's a moose. Who doesn't love moose.

                    Down below are some bears representing different countries. So, where is Singapore?

                                                                Oh see that little cute liar. 

                                            This is adorable. Representing the Korea's market! 

                                                        One of my favorite display of Korea!

                                                                        I miss skiing! 
                                                           Anyone willing to bring me there ?

                                               This fluffy big bear entrance! I was so fascinated.

                                                 That's me being not so natural and photogenic.
 A bear house inside the museum but I was afraid I might tear it apart. It's so small and fragile. I'll leave it to the children to enjoy.
                                                             Polar bears are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E

                  I absolutely love Panda but I must say the pandas I have at home are so much cuter. Sorry.

                     Okay, you can see that I went back for a photo with the Polar bear. Just couldn't resist.

                                                                My Polar bear obsession.

 It's the end. Though there is a lot more to see that I didn't capture or not uploaded but I'm definitely giving this bear museum a 4/5 stars. 

The bear museum might be a little small but they make up of the space efficiently so there's so much to see. A plus to all this is the good service that they provide. They even made a call to help us book a taxi back to wherever we wanted to go because it was pretty dark outside and hard to catch a taxi from somewhere so isolated. They even tell us more about Sokcho to help us better understand the place. It's so much more crowded in Summer so I was glad we were there in the Winter. 

Till next time, I've got a hot air balloon to catch! 

 XoXo, Feliz.